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Photo taken at Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church, Katy, Texas, 2017


for string quartet (2017)

In this piece I wanted to convey a frantic state of being: agitated and uncontrollable, unexpected and hellish. I began the piece with no clear path, rather simply exploring an atmosphere foreign to my previous compositions. At times, I pictured a chaotic place with people running in every direction, screaming, panicking. At others, I focused on the feelings of panic and fear inside our minds, sometimes prompted by turmoil, sometimes invisibly generated by our minds. There are three stages of turmoil depicted: the initial breakout of frenzy, the numbing sensation as time seems to freeze, and the ultimate hysteria as minds are thrusted back to reality. Some moments may be calm as shock makes time appear to slow down, but ultimately, chaos is unavoidable.


June 2, 2017 – Senior Recital, Grand Lakes Presbytarian Church in Katy, TX

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