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Photo taken in Big Bend National Park, Texas, 2013


for fixed media (2017)

This piece is based on a photo I took in late December of 2013 at Big Bend National Park (TX). The night sky at Big Bend was the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and this image, Brilliant Lights (pictured above), has become one of my favorites because it reminds me of the stunning nature we are surrounded by. To me, the image not only projects wonder but also a sense of curiosity – it prompts the question, what is out there? What would it be like if this was the world we are surrounded by? I used these questions as a basis for Starred. I created a sound world where we are completely surrounded by billions of stars in a sort of ‘parallel universe’. There is no narrative to the piece; instead, the atmospheric nature of the music is meant to draw each listener to imagine and craft their own experience in this otherworldly realm.

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